Marshall AS50D Amp

Marshall AS50D

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Marshall AS50D.

This compact and highly portable combo features two channels, each of which has its own independent volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs give the AS50D the ability to handle all comers: the high impedance input on Channel 1 is perfect for piezo or magnetic pickups. 

Channel 2 boasts RCA phono inputs plus a balanced phantom powered XLR type input in addition to its jack input, making it the perfect host for voice, instrument, or even backing track. The AS50D also contains a high quality digital effects section featuring an adjustable Chorus which can be assigned to either or both channels, also a reverb. 

It also has a parallel Effects Loop that can be balanced between the two channels. One of the most difficult aspects of amplifying certain acoustic instruments is feedback. Therefore, anti feedback controls include a Phase switch and a frequency controllable Notch Filter.

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