Eden D212XST-4 2x12" 4-Ohm Bass Speaker Cabinet

Eden D212XST-4 2x12" 4-Ohm Bass Speaker Cabinet

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The Eden D212XST 4 Ohm Bass Cab provides you with an alternative tone to the popular D212XLT, offering the same level of expression but with an incredibly aggressive midrange. The 350 watt output ensures you have plenty of headroom for a crisp performance.

Equipped with a set of Custom Eminence speaker built to Eden's XST specs, the D212XST Cab delivers a beautifully round and smooth tone. The tweeter can be adjusted with the level control - letting you shape the characteristics of the high end to suit your personal playing style. The cabinet has been perfectly tuned to match its 12'' speakers, ensuring your sound remains clean with clear lows. Built from high grade plywood, you can take this D212XST Bass Cabinet anywhere without the worry of damaging the internal components during transportation - or when performing at those demanding gigs.

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