Fortin TEMPEST Architects Signature Overdrive Pedal

Fortin TEMPEST Architects Signature Overdrive Pedal

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In collaboration with UK metalcore giants Architects, Fortin Amplification are pleased to bring you, TEMPEST. The TEMPEST Overdrive was created working hand-in-hand with guitarists Adam Christianson and Josh Middleton, with a goal of creating a super-versatile solution that would be equally at home in the studio or live. TEMPEST features easy-to-use controls, Drive and Level, as well as High and Low Pass controls to create crushing metal tones, or soaring leads. Sow the wind and reap the storm, with TEMPEST.



Power: 9-12VDC/40mA Center Pin Negative (Fully Regulated) external Adapter(not included) or 9vdc battery.
Made in the USA




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