Mackie Performer Bundle

Mackie Performer Bundle

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Mackie Performer Bundle

The Mackie Performer Bundle gives you the perfect bundle for vocalists, karaoke nights, solo artists and more. If you’re looking for straightforward mixing as well as reliable and great-sounding mics, you can’t go wrong with the Performer Bundle. Including the ProFX6V3, you have access to ultra-low noise Onyx mic preamps, 24 built-in effects, and USB recording and playback. While the EM-89D dynamic microphones are great for recording both vocals and instruments. Then, you’ve got the pair of MC-100’s that help you dial in your sound perfectly. A professional pair of headphones that offer excellent noise isolation as well as great sound! Finally, when you want to record your performance, the Performer Bundle comes complete with both Pro Tools and WaveForm, as well as a bundle of plug-ins. So whether you’re on stage or in the studio, the Mackie Performer Bundle has you covered.

What’s Included in the Performer Bundle:
ProFX6V3 6-Channel Professional Mixer
2 x EM-89D Dynamic Microphone
MC-100 Professional Headphones
Pro Tools, WaveForm, and Plugins

The core of your Mackie Performer Bundle is the ProFX6V3 mixer. The ultimate affordable solution for live, home recording and content creators. Featuring 2 Onyx preamps offering 60DB of headroom, easy single-knob compression, and 24 built-in FX. Record your tracks in 24-Bit/192kHz quality with 2×4 USB recording while experiencing zero-latency hardware monitoring. Plus, both Pro Tools First and Waveform OEM recording software packages are included with your new Mackie mixer. Making it the perfect portable mixer to take to and from your next gig.

EM-89D Dynamic Microphone
When it’s time to hop on stage, the Performer Bundle has you covered with 2 x EM-89D Dynamic Microphones. Offering tour-worthy construction, and outstanding sonic performance; the Mackie EM-89D delivers crystal-clear reproduction of vocals and instruments. So it’s the perfect microphone for both live stage applications and studio recordings.  What’s more, the EM-89D uses a cardioid polar pattern. Rejecting sound behind the mic so you hear less stage bleed and get a much higher gain before experiencing feedback. Sporting a dynamic moving-coil design, the EM-89D doesn’t need batteries or phantom power. While the balanced 3-pi XLR output ensures proper connectivity with stage boxes, mixers, and portable PA systems.

MC-100 Studio Headphones
Finally, the Mackie Performer Bundle also comes with a pair of MC-100 Studio headphones. Powered by high-performance drivers, the MC-100’s ensure clear and accurate sound. While the comfortable earpads and headbands allow you to enjoy hours of listening or mixing without experiencing annoying ear fatigue.

Performer Bundle Comes Bundled Software
With a bundle of amazing hardware, you need quality software to go with it. So you’ll love the fact that the Mackie Performer Bundle comes complete with 2 Award-Winning DAW’s in Pro Tools & WaveForm. Not to mention, a massive bundle of plug-ins that will allow you to take your sound even further.

Above all, the Mackie Performer Bundle is ideal for both live and studio recording use!

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