Morley Lynch Dragon 2

Morley Lynch Dragon 2

Product Code: MOR-MTG2



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Morley Lynch Dragon 2, is a switchless, Optical Wah with 3 Wah modes (Wah, Wow and Locked) with Wah Level Control. George Lynch may best know for his guitar acrobatics in the band Dokken but some world class playing can also be found on recordings from his other bands; Lynch Mob, Lynch/Pilson and his latest band Souls Of We. George's influence on a generation of guitarists is undeniable. 

After the success of the limited edition George Lynch Dragon Wah, George and Morley decided to release a Wah that would be part of our regular line of products. The Dragon 2 is a switchless, optical Wah with 3 Wah modes; Traditional Wah, Wow Mode and Locked. The Wow mode is extra gnarly for heavily distorted guitars tones. 

The Locked mode locks the pedal in Wah mode and a Q knob allows you to choose the Wah frequency of either Wah or Wow sweeps. Another first by Morley!

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