Morley Twin Mix Dual Channel Mixer/Combiner Peda

Morley Twin Mix Dual Channel Mixer/Combiner Pedal

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Morley Twin Mix Dual Channel Mixer/Combiner Pedal.

Do you need a mixer to run your multi-guitar and amp rig? Take control with the Morley Twin Mix footpedal. This pedal-sized mixer will easily fit in your pedalboard and lets hook up two inputs and two outputs. Hook up two guitars and feed them to one or both of your amps simultaneously.

The Twin Mix is the perfect way to run dual amp rigs or to combine two inputs to a single output. Control the input volume of your guitars with active volume/boost knobs. By pushing the boost control, you can introduce a slight overdrive to your signal.

Utilising Morley's True-Tone Bypass buffered circuit, the Twin Mix has true bypass switching and a level boost to make sure your signal doesn't decrease in strength and volume.

Take control of your rig like never before with the Morley Twin Mix mixer/combiner pedal!

  • Morley Twin Mix Mixer/Combiner Pedal Features:
  • Dual input and dual output mixer in a footpedal
  • True-Tone Bypass buffered circuit
  • Send one signal to two amps, or two signal to one amp
  • Variable boost control for each input

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