Line 6 Spider V 240HC - 240 Watt Amplifier Head

Line 6 Spider V 240HC - 240 Watt Amplifier Head

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Line 6 Spider V 240HC

The Spider V 240HC head and speaker cabinet are designed for the gigging guitarist who desires amazing power and volume. The amp head delivers 240 watts of power and features 200+ amps and effects, and an internal wireless receiver. The amp head even has built-in stereo speakers for standalone practicing and jamming. The Spider V 412, 4x12" cabinet combines with the amp head and forms an optimized massive full-range speaker system.

  • 240 watts of power
  • Amp head features 2 x 4” speakers and 2 tweeters for stand-alone practicing (50-watts)
  • Wireless-ready for Line 6 Relay transmitters
  • XLR direct outputs for live use
  • Built-in 60-second looper for layering guitar tracks to play over
  • Over 200 amps, effects, and cabs—more than any other amp in its class
  • USB interface and free recording software to record your best ideas
  • Drum loops and a built-in metronome for honing your chops
  • Match with Spider 412 stereo cabinet to create a stage-ready, bi-amped full range speaker system

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