Yamaha Revstar RS420FR Fired Red

Yamaha Revstar RS420FR Fired Red

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The Yamaha Revstar RS420FR Fire Red is one of the coolest, feature laden guitars that has come from the musical juggernaut that is Yamaha. They have paid homage to their infamous SG series of guitars whilst adding a few mod cons! The Yamaha Revstar RS420FR Fire Red is a mojo loaded beast!! The Yamaha Revstar RS420FR Fire Red solidbody electric guitar features bold curves, sleek contours, and punchy, powerful tone.
The RS420's maple-topped nato body delivers a brawny combination of meaty midrange, present highs, and sizzling harmonic overtones. This visceral tone is intensified by the RS420's Yamaha-designed YGD humbuckers. A Dry switch tone control yields hum-free single-coil tones. The RS420's thin neck profile supplies exceptional playing comfort. Embellished with eye-catching custom hardware, the RS420 draws on Yamaha's 50-year legacy of guitar craftsmanship to bring you a solidbody electric guitar with unforgettable personality. Inspired by the bold styling of London and Tokyo's vintage street-racing motorbikes.


Yamaha's Revstar series of electric guitars features dramatic curves, character-packed custom-wound pickups, and delightfully muscular tone. Each model in the Revstar lineup is full of its own distinct personality. These instruments exude a distinctiveness as unique as the guitarists who play them. The Yamaha RS420's YGD pickups were specially wound to match its personality. More than 50 prototype pickups were tested featuring different combinations of wire, windings, magnets, and baseplates before Yamaha spec'd this guitar.

The YGD humbuckers in the RS420 make use of an Alnico V magnet and German silver baseplate to create a powerful, open tone. At Macron Music, we dig the tonal flexibility provided by the RS420's Dry switch tone control, which filters out low frequencies to bring you hum-free single-coil tones. Thanks to its contoured shape, the Yamaha Revstar RS420FB is amazingly comfortable to play. The RS420 features a rear body contour and a neck joint that allows for easy upper-fret access. The RS420's thin neck profile adds to this guitar's exceptional playability.


  • Maple-topped nato body delivers meaty midrange, present highs, and sizzling harmonic overtones
  • Covered YGD humbuckers yield a powerful, open tone
  • Dry switch tone control brings you hum-free single-coil tones
  • Rear body contour and thin neck profile provide comfortable playability
  • Set-in neck and Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece for enhanced sustain
  • Elegant bound body and fingerboard plus eye-catching custom hardware

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