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Headrush MX5 top
Headrush MX5 perspective
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Headrush MX5

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Headrush MX5 is a super-compact, yet loaded with the full power of HeadRush.

MX5® is an incredibly easy to use and realistic-sounding guitar FX and amp modeller that’s ideal for the desktop, the studio and the stage. Featuring a finely-tuned multi-core processor and 4” high-resolution touch display, the HeadRush MX5 makes tone building easy, letting you touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your perfect tone in an unprecedentedly realistic and intuitive way.

Whether guitarists are looking for a classic vintage amp sound, wide ambient stereo delay textures with synth overtones and infinite feedback, or the heaviest of heavy hi-gain tones, the HeadRush MX5 covers it all. The MX5 provides an incredibly diverse library of 50 guitar and bass amplifier models, 15 speaker cabinet models with 10 microphone emulations, 300 impulse responses, and 66 premium FX models. These are flawless simulations of the most sought-after vintage and modern gear with unrivalled accuracy and authentic dynamic response. The HeadRush library will continue to be expanded with regular feature updates that add new models and features based on user requests and feedback.

Built with the full power of HeadRush’s flagship products, MX5 gives guitarists a huge amount of flexibility to sculpt their dream tones. Players can easily create dream rigs comprising 9 individual FX along with 2 amp models and 2 cab models in a single preset. Additionally, the MX5 also features gapless preset switching with reverb and delay tail spillover, so guitarists can switch between clean and lead tones without any dropouts in sound during their performance.

  • Multi-core processor with powerful modelling and fx technology
  • High-resolution 4” touch display with guitarist-centric interface
  • Versatile library of realistic & responsive amplifier, cabinet, mic and FX models
  • Load virtually unlimited custom impulse response (IR) files
  • Gapless preset switching with reverb/delay tail spillover
  • Hands-free edit mode for quick on-the-fly live editing
  • Premium Looper with save and load features
  • Built-in expression pedal with adjustable tension and toe-switch
  • Stereo FX loop for connecting external FX or 4-cable connectivity with guitar/bass amps
  • Built-in studio-quality USB audio interface for recording and reamping

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