Gallien Krueger Legacy 800 Bass Amplifier Head

Gallien Krueger Legacy 800 Bass Amplifier Head

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Gallien Krueger Legacy 800 Bass Amplifier Head

The Legacy Series speaks to fifty years of structure, advancement and industry involvement with Gallien-Krueger. Bounce Gallien stays in charge of the organization, as yet working in the lab every day, as he did first and foremost, to make the best sounding, generally adaptable, and dependable expert bass rigging available.Because the Legacy Series has a similar creator as the 800RB, it has a similar DNA and a similar degree of development, with a more advanced list of capabilities and development idea.

The presentation of the 800RB in 1980 established Gallien-Krueger as a pioneer in Solid State bass intensification, with its mark snarl, lucidity, power, and highlights that were comparatively radical. The new Legacy Series of heads catches that equivalent stylish while including something all its own. From spotless, clear, gnawing tones, to immersed overdrive, the Legacy arrangement has everything. Coming in 500, 800, and 1200 watt class D models, The Legacy Heads are prepared for the greatest stages, the littlest parlors, and everything in the middle.

To improve execution and unwavering quality, the Legacy Series utilizes a remarkable interconnection framework that wipes out issues that can create after some time from steady vibration and temperature boundaries that apparatus is exposed to with substantial use. Utilizing circuitboards with gold plated connectors, instead of links with standard tin connectors, this kind of development conveys an increasingly unadulterated, solid sound. Highlights incorporate GK's great 4 band EQ, Overdrive total with tone molding, extra voicing channels, for example, "Knock", "Shape", and "Nearness", Balanced DI with Pre and Post EQ, an Effects Loop, Aux and Headphone associations, and Load limit determination, to convey ideal power into 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm bureau setups.

The Gallien-Krueger Legacy 800 Bass Amplifier Head features:

  • Four band dynamic EQ
  • Foot Switchable Overdrive with Tone Control (Footswitch Included)
  • "Knock", "Form", and "Nearness"
  • Voicing Filters
  • Adjusted XLR Output with Pre and Post EQ
  • Lopsided ¼" Send and Return
  • Aux Input and Headphones Output
  • Turn Lock Speaker Outputs
  • 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm Load Capacity
  • 11.5" Width x 11" Depth x 2 3/8" Height for All Models
  • Accessible in 500, 800, and 1200 Watt Models

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