TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell

TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell

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TC Electronic Crescendo Analog Auto Swell Pedal

Every once in a while an effect shows up ahead of its own time and before guitarist figure out what do with it, it's gone out of production.

Sometimes this results in effects that, in spite of their retail price, become extremely valuable because of the rarity of the effect. The only way to get your hands on these kinds of effects is to buy them used in varying conditions with no warranty and at sky high prices.

If you're the kind of guitarist who actually has that amount of money to spend you can buy the pedal. But then what? Take it gigging on the road? On tour? Or just leave in a vault somewhere and never really use it?

Crescendo Auto Swell brings an iconic and rare effect and makes it readily available and built to withstand a lifetime of abuse.

  • Vintage auto swell effect
  • All-analog circuitry
  • True Bypass
Rare and scarce
Crescendo produces a unique "swell"-effect similar to what bowed instruments can produce.

Now you can have the same effect without paying ridiculous second market prices and feel confident using it for gigs with no fear of breakdowns.

Subtle and simple
Using the pedal is simple as it is effectively just reversing the concept of a noise gate.

Instead of clamping down on the tail of your signal, gradually drowning the signal as the note rings out as it is overpowered by a noisy circuit, the Crescendo clamps down on the initial attack and swells up to volume.

Put simply, it removes the pick attack and leaves you with a beautiful swelling note.

Put a drive or a compressor after Crescendo to make long sustaining swell notes reminiscent of violins and other bowed instruments.

Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure Crescendo was built to withstand years of abuse.

High quality analog circuitry with true bypass keeps your signal nice and clean.

The top mounted jacks make it easy to cram in Crescendo on your pedal board, keeping cables and clutter out the way.

  • Classic auto swell pedal
  • All-analog circuitry
  • Easy 2-knob interface
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 10mA

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