TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

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The Power of Flashback Delay Times Three.

Echoes of Euphoria
One of the most recurring things heard from the TC Electronic community regarding the Flashback Delay pedals, is that they sound so good that they wish they could have several of the delay tones running at the same time. Well, we're here to tell you that you can stop dreaming folks! The Flashback Triple Delay is here and it's ready to rock your delay-hungry socks off!

Up to 3 delays running at the same time
Seemingly endless subdivision options

The Sonic Multiverse
Ever heard a tape echo run through a ping-pong delay and then into a reverse delay? No? Trust us, it sounds amazing. With the Flashback Triple Delay you can go as crazy as your imagination allows and with the added function of running the delays in series or in parallel, you can go from lush divine delays to otherworldly soundscapes in an instant! Time and space have never been easier to manipulate.

Trippin On Triplets
As if having three high quality delays running at the same time isn't enough, TC Electronic have also added a dedicated subdivision knob that lets you assign different rhythmic patterns to each delay. You'll get everything from dotted eighths to triplets and on to several types of dual delays. So whether you're going for a smooth rhythmic-roll or a full-on psychedelic-trip, Flashback Triple Delay is sure to deliver!

TonePrints In Tandem
Flashback Triple Delay is the only delay pedal that lets you run several custom-tuned delay sounds at once. Imagine running delay TonePrints from Steve Morse, Guthrie Govan and John Petrucci all at the same time; the result is spectacular! Add to that the option of creating your very own delay tones via TC Electronic's free TonePrint Editor and you've got yourself one of the most versatile delay pedals ever made.

Three independent delay engines
11 different subdivisions
Toggle between having your delays in series or in parallel
TonePrint enabled
Beam enabled
Pedal simple - don't read, rock!
Tap Tempo
16 Delay Types
True Bypass (optional buffered)
Expression pedal input
Stereo in- and output
MIDI enabled
9 Volt DC power supply included
Humongous headroom

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