TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate.

This new hiss-fighting gem is built on on the same MD3 dynamics engine found in our music production masterpiece, System 6000 and will offer you the same high-quality multiband noise removal algorithm used on countless hit-records and movie productions.

· State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate
· Hard-Gate Mode for instant noise removal
· TonePrint enabled - for a world of signature and customizable gates
· Compact design
· True Bypass

Sentry Noise Gate's multiband setting secures the most seamless and organic noise reduction ever heard in a compact stompbox, making it applicable across every genre imaginable, instead of just the brutal high-gain spectrum normally associated with this type of effect.

But if you mainly use amps that go to 11 and like your tunings lower than low, Sentry Noise Gate's classic hard-gate mode, and send/return loop will have you and your larger than life riffs covered.

Now add TonePrint to the equation, for custom-made gates and endless tweakability and you have the most powerful and technologically advanced Noise Gate ever made!

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