Marshall JVM410C 100W 2x12 Combo

Marshall JVM410C 100W 2x12 Combo

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JVM410C 2x12" has 4 channels with 3 modes, giving you a total of 12 different modes each with its own unique gain structure. The front panel has 28 control knobs and 8 LED switches and has dedicated sets of controls for each of its 4 channels CLEAN, CRUNCH, OD1 & OD2 plus MASTER and REVERB sections. Each channel contains the familiar controls, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain. The REVERB section consists of 4 Reverb level controls, one for each channel while the MASTER section is comprised of 2 footswitchable Master Volumes, plus master RESONANCE and PRESENCE controls that work universally on all 4 channels. The JVM410C come supplied with a 6 way programmable footswitch which can be connected to the amp via any standard guitar cable. The 6 button footswitch features 7 LEDs marked CLEAN, CRUNCH, OD1, OD2, Master Volume, Reverb and FX loop on. All the settings are stored within your footswitch; this means it can be plugged into any JVM 4 Channel amplifier.

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