AEA R84A Active Ribbon Microphone

AEA R84A Active Ribbon Microphone

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With the A84A, AEA introduces the active version of its award-winning R84 microphone. The R84A flatters strings, woodwinds, drums, piano, voice, and much more with the ease and grace that only a Big Ribbon™ mic can deliver.

Now with phantom power, you now have a lot more flexibility in your choice of preamps because you no longer the quiet gain that passive ribbons need so much of. The R84A also shares many of the characteristics of its granddaddy, the A440, but is much more economically priced. Because the R84A shares the same Big Ribbon™ as the rest of AEA's product line you'll acheive a sound with the R84A that is smooth, natural and free of any of the uncomfortable resonances that shorter ribbons and condensers can exhibit. The result is a sound that many engineers say sounds astonishingly close to what your ear hears when you're actually standing in the studio because the R84 doesn't color the sound with a lot of its own characteristics. Because the R84A has significantly less proximity effect than the A440, the R84A makes an excellent spot mic as it is optimized to be positioned within 12" of the sound source without bass distortion.

The R84A makes all of this available in a single package: the signal strength and flexibility of active electronics combined with the luxurious warmth of a Big Ribbon™ all wrapped up in a much more affordable package. No studio is complete without a pair of R84A's

The microphone package includes a three meter cloth covered Accusound and an AEA vertical case for proper shipping and storage.

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