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Alvarez AC65HCE

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Alvarez AC65HCE - In terms of value, the new Artist '60 Series is probably the best guitar we have ever made.  

We were very careful to get the construction just right to allow this series to sing, and deliver a player experience that's so good; it's probably revolutionary for a mid price instrument. Whether you're looking for a Dreadnought, Folk or something a little more niche such as a Baritone, Grand Auditorium or Bass, Artist Series has them all. Artist Series classical guitars are beautifully made using a traditional Spanish heel construction.  

They're thoughtful bracing helps deliver sustain, balance and volume. This Hybrid version 65HCE is a classical guitar with a narrower nut (48mm) and therefore thinner neck. The fingerboard is also arched with a radius similar to that of our steel string guitars and its joined at the 14th fret instead of 12th. So really, it's a nylon string guitar that sounds like a classical but plays like steel string.  

Very, very cool instrument. Also fitted with the wonderful SYS650 blend system EQ.  

  • Top: Hand selected, solid cedar
  • Back and Sides: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Machine heads: Premium Classical
  • Strings: Savarez.

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