ART PB4x4 Pro USB Rackmount Power Conditioner

ART PB4x4 Pro USB Rackmount Power Conditioner

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ART PB4x4 Pro USB Rackmount Power Conditioner.

*Overseas model shown, AUS version will be supplied with female IEC outlet instead of American mains outlet.

Presenting the 4×4 PRO USB SERIES Power Distribution Systems from ART. Built on the foundation of the popular 4x4s, the PRO USB SERIES are durably constructed, reliable power conditioners for use in many applications. Wherever power management system is required, the 4×4 PRO USB SERIES provide the surge protection you need to keep your rack safe from unwanted disruption.

All PRO USB SERIES models have an additional internal discrete module called APF™ (Advanced Power Filtering) which filters out digital and dimmer hash as well as any high frequency noise that is above the audio range. Some off-the-shelf add-on modules saturate and lose their filtering effectiveness as the load increases, but by using a high power discrete design we were able to create a filter that stays effective over the full operating range.


Key Features

  • APF – Advanced Power Filtering
  • Power Capacity of 1800 Watts
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • EMI & RFI Filtering
  • 8 Rear Outlets with Power Adapter Friendly Positioning
  • One Front-mounted Unswitched Power Outlet
  • Rear Mounted Gooseneck Light Source

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