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Arturia AudioFuse Studio

AudioFuse Studio gives you a flexible and adaptable 18-in, 20-out audio interface. Boasting plenty of connectivity, a number of powerful features, and top-tier sound quality; the AudioFuse Studio delivers everything you need for a creative workflow.

Designed to keep up with all your creative endeavors, the AudioFuse Studio is built to handle every scenario, and it doesn’t disappoint!

World-Class Preamps

Like the entire AudioFuse range, the Studio comes packed with the exclusive DiscretePro mic preamps and fully independent Mic/Line circuits. Sporting four of these pristine preamps, you’ll be amazed by the specs they deliver. Including 120dB dynamic range; less than -129dBu input noise; and a +/-0.05dB flat frequency response. So what does that mean for your recording?

Well, this means you won’t hear any unwanted noises in your sound. Because you want to hear your instrument, not the sound of your audio interface. So you’ll be sure you’re enjoying crystal clear, and transparent sound at every stage. Recording something delicate? You’ll be able to crank your gain without worrying about adding any hiss or noise to your sound.

Then, thanks to the included AudioFuse Creative Suite, you can add perfectly emulated signal processing from some iconic, vintage studio consoles, and synths. Above all, the Arturia Audiofuse Studio is built to handle any situation!

4 Line Level Inputs

What’s more, the AudioFuse Studio includes 4 additional line-level inputs on the rear panel. So you’ll be able to hook up any additional synths and drum machines you want to record. Of those four, two can be used as a dedicated phono input with an integrated RIAA preamp. So you can easily connect, listen to, or sample vinyl directly from your turntable.


On top of that, two dedicated reamp outputs allow you to get creative with your guitars. Simply connect your favourite guitar or bass, then feed the duplicate signal from the reamp output, to your amp. Mic it up, then simultaneously track your dry signal as well as the sound from your amplifier.

Not only that, but you can also use the Reamp outputs to add things like valve amp distortion to your drum tracks or vocals. So you’ll have the perfect tone every time!


The AudioFuse Studio also features built-in Bluetooth streaming. So you can stream music straight from your phone to your studio monitors in your downtime, or while you’re holding a gathering. Your artists can then easily share their ideas by streaming directly to your interface.

Traditionally, Bluetooth is fast and easy, but it’s not always great quality. Thanks to the AudioFuse Studio, you’ve got the best AAC codec as well as the highest quality aptX connections. So you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience.

Powerful, versatile inputs

AudioFuse Studio’s inputs aren’t just any old inputs, they offer the best quality you can get. On the front, you’ll find 4 inputs with a combi-jack connection. So you can use them for both microphones or line-level instruments. And all of them give you a spectacular level of noiseless gain, as well as switchable attenuators.

Dedicated Insert Points

If you want to use additional processing gear, the AudioFuse Studio makes it easy. All thanks to the dedicated insert points on inputs 1 to 4. So you can easily set up unique signal chains and record processed audio.

Digital connectivity

With ADAT connectivity, you can connect expanders and other interfaces to create your dream recording environment. All while keeping everything perfectly synchronized with Word Clock.

Analog powerhouse

Not only do the preamps on the AudioFuse Studio sound amazing, but every element of the interface uses the highest quality components. From the headphone amps to the input sockets, you can be sure you’re getting the best experience possible.

AudioFuse Studio – Outstanding Stability

Finally, AudioFuse uses only the finest converters from the AKM premium series. Translating your creativity from the analog to the digital realm, then back again. As a result, your audio will be pristine, while the internal reference clock keeps everything jitter-free.

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