Earthworks ICON Pro Broadcast Microphone

Earthworks ICON Pro Broadcast Microphone

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Earthworks is a company renowned for their naturalistic, high-end sound—and now that sound is conveniently available for podcasters in the Earthworks Icon Pro Streaming XLR Microphone. This microphone brings the build quality and tone of a pro-studio microphone to the home-broadcasting or streaming environment. Whether you make unboxing videos, stream game play, or host a podcast, the Icon Pro will provide a clarity of recording that can help you stand out from the pack.

The microphone certainly looks the part, with its stainless steel finish and its broadcast-style, end-address capsule. But more important is the sound: Earthworks have crafted a mic that responds incredibly to the human voice, all while rejecting room sound, minimizing handling noise, and keeping any self-noise to a thankful minimum—even when you're recording at high volumes.


Delivers a Great Sound

This is an end-address small-diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern for minimizing the sound of acoustically imperfect rooms. On the tech side, the mic has been fashioned to deliver a rise speed of 11.7 microseconds, which means it reacts quickly and impeccably to the subtleties of your voice. A hand-tuned, extended-frequency response of 20 Hz to 30 kHz ensures the mic not only reacts to your voice, but captures it in a true-to-life manner. 

Flawless Performance

The microphone works out of the box with your audio interface to deliver studio-quality sound right off the bat. It's able to handle an SPL of up to 139 dB, which is quite high, and will come in handy for video-game playthroughs where one might be audibly surprised by the sudden arrival of a virtual enemy. Low-noise construction means the mic won't generate hiss or other machine sounds when driven hard. And, a built-in pop filter ensures you won't incur p-pops from plosives, so you can say phrases like "p-pops from plosives" without distorting the recording.

Quality Accessories for a Quality Product

The Icon Pro offers an integrated M2-R ball adapter, so you can mount the mic on any stand or boom. This mount comes courtesy of Triad Orbit, a company famous for their studio-quality modular mic stands and mic-placement solutions. A 3/8" thread is also included to bolster compatibility with all sorts of stands.

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