Mesa Boogie Throttle Box EQ

Mesa Boogie Throttle Box EQ

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Mesa Boogie Throttle Box EQ version combines the enhanced shaping power of our popular Five Band Graphic Equaliser with footswitchable HI/LO performance Modes and easy Top Panel access to the previously internal BOOST feature. With the worldwide success of the THROTTLE BOX overdrive, we saw potential for an even more powerful version that included our classic Five-Band Graphic Equaliser. 

With the added shaping power the on-board Five Band EQ creates the THROTTLE BOX EQ can go anywhere you want to take it stylistically. The middle range of the GAIN control delivers tight, stinging overdrive that depending on whether you choose LO or HI GAIN Modes can cover everything from Blues to Modern Metal with plenty of attitude and an urgent percussive nature. 

Cranking things up into the upper one-third of the GAIN control in HI unleashes a hot-rod that's blistering with searing top-end harmonics. For Hard Rock and Metal our Graphic EQ set to the popular mid-scooped "V-Curve" has a 40-year track record of creating the heaviest sounds around. Yet with limitless curve possibilities, the Graphic expands the potential for sonic diversity across all styles as well as being able to unleash Mayhem.

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