IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost Pedal

IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost Pedal

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IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost Pedal.

The switchable preamps and variable input impedance of IK Multimedia's AXE I/O series come to a rugged metal pedal stomp in the Z-TONE Buffer Boost. Both as a pedalboard front end and as a feature-rich active DI, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost is guaranteed to enhance your tone and open up tone and routing options in a performance setting. Run it clean into your amp or PA and enjoy the Z-TONE's reduced noise and tone loss over long cable runs. Or, engage the JFET channel and crank up the preamp to slather your guitar or bass signal in analog warmth and harmonic excitement. Of course, the hallmark of this pedal has to be its Z-TONE variable impedance circuit, which helps you dial in your front end to support all axes and pickups in your arsenal. You also get a switchable +10dB boost to crank up for solos or feed a hotter signal into your stage amp. And with its versatile XLR and 1/4" TS outputs, the IK Multimedia Z-TONE Buffer Boost is built for creative routing onstage and in the studio. The full AmpliTube 4 software suite is included.


Variable input and boost

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost's variable input Gain and Boost controls help you hit your preamp, pedals, or PA just right, from solos to rhythms.

Two switchable preamp channels

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost borrows its preamp circuits from the award-winning AXE I/O series. The PURE channel is a high-headroom transparent preamp that won't color your sound. The JFET channel takes advantage of a Class A JFET amplifier that enhances warmth and midrange focus. And whether you're running clean into a PA or colored into an amp, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost delivers quality results.

Patent-pending variable impedance control

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost's variable impedance knob lets you precisely dial in your input impedance (1 MOhm–2.2 kOhms) to create some unique shaping capabilities. Turn the knob counterclockwise, and the sound will become tighter and more precise as the impedance increases. As you turn the knob clockwise, the sound becomes thick, saturated, and bold.


For active and passive pickups

Whether you play vintage single-coils or active humbuckers, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost yields the best results for every guitar and bass in your collection.

Helps fight noise and tone loss

A high-quality onboard buffer makes this Z-TONE pedal the perfect front end for long cable runs, virtually eliminating the tone loss that can occur between stomps and amps and stage and PA. You also get a switchable ground lift to neutralize grounding hum in unfamiliar performance settings.

Versatile output options

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost has two useful output options. There's a balanced XLR output with a ground-lift switch to cut out noise from ground loops. There's also a 1/4" unbalanced output for extra flexibility. You can use the 1/4" Link output to connect to pedals and amps. Audio gurus have found that this allows you to record DI tracks at the same time you record your physical amp tone in the studio. For live sound applications, this lets you blend direct and amp sounds.


AmpliTube 4 suite included

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost's included AmpliTube 4 software suite gives you over 100 class-leading amp models, virtual stomps, and cab IRs. British to American, squeaky clean to filthy rotten, decades of monster tone await you in AmpliTube 4. The robust Cab Room is the most realistic-sounding and -feeling miking application IK Multimedia has ever offered. You can even change the individual speakers in the different speaker cabinets. A Custom Shop program even lets you add the gear you want as you need. You can even scroll through AmpliTube presets (and many other software titles) from the front panel for the ultimate in convenience.


IK Multimedia Z-TONE Buffer Boost Pedal Features:

  • Variable-Z JFET preamp pedal with +10dB switchable boost
  • Great for guitar and bass, stage and studio
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • High-quality buffer for reduced tone loss
  • Variable input impedance unlocks greater sonic textures
  • Switch for passive and active pickups
  • JFET preamp channel adds analog coloration to your incoming signal
  • PURE preamp channel provides a transparent, high-headroom front end
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4") outputs give you routing flexibility
  • Ground-lift switch eliminates annoying hum and ground loops

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