Morley ABY Mix
Morley ABY Mix left side
Morley ABY Mix
Morley ABY Mix left side

Morley ABY Mix

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Morley ABY Mix Pedal lets you choose A, B, or A and B combined for mixing two different instruments with independent input level controls for the perfect mix. 

Two bright LEDs show you which signal is active. The unit is true bypass and passive, so it will work without a battery (a 9V battery is required for the LED to function). Designed with a cold rolled steel housing, this rugged pedal will stand up to the rigours of the road, or wherever you need a quick instrument change on-the-fly. 

The Morley ABY Mix guitar mixer and switcher routes 1 signal to 2 inputs or 2 inputs to 1 output. This pedal contain innovative designs, clever features, and bullet-proof construction. Each and every one is hand-assembled in the U.S.A. with American-made pride. 

**Warning: Do not use on powered speaker lines. You will damage your amp, speakers, or both.*

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