Vox MV50 BQ

Vox MV50 BQ

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Vox MV50-BG boutique series represents a truly innovative approach to guitar amplification. This little monster weighs in at only 540g but boasts a tremendous 50 Watts of power and produces serious guitar tone that rivals the sound of your favorite tube amp. Equipped with Nutube, the revolutionary new vacuum tube, the all analog preamp circuit preserves the richness and warmth of your guitar's natural sound, while an innovative Class D power amp provides enough volume for any Environment.

Main Features:-
  • Weight 540g. Ultra compact head amp that you can easily carry in one hand
  • In spite of its size, monster class sound power with 50W output
  • The preamp features Nutube, the new vacuum tube that utilises vacuum fluorescent display technology
  • Analog circuitry based on a pure design philosophy
  • EQ switch provides sound that is the perfect match for the size of the cabinet being used
  • Speaker emulated line/headphone output jack mimics the know-how of a recording engineer
  • Retro chic design with mirror finish front and VU meter
  • An excellent match for the BC108 or BC112 from Vox's Black Cabinet Series

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