Radial Headbone VT
Radial Headbone VT
Radial Headbone VT
Radial Headbone VT

Radial Headbone VT

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Radial Headbone VT - The Headbone's internal switching comprises a sequence of relays, photocells, and load resistors, all of which are controlled via a digitally programmed chip. 

Hit the footswitch and the Headbone toggles the guitar signal from one amp to the other, disconnects the speaker and diverts the signal to a load resister, reconnects the speaker to the second head and turns on the guitar, all in quick succession. 

The Headbone features SafeMode whereby even when power is disconnected; the Headbone will automatically default to 'head 1 to cabinet' status, ensuring a constant load on the amplifier. Headbone comes equipped with Slingsho , an easy to use switching system that uses any standard footswitch to toggle the Headbone's status remotely, from wherever the footswitch is located. 

Slingshot lets you keep the amp to speaker cables short and efficient and opens up new switching possibilities too.

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