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Rocktron Tru-Loop

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Rocktron Tru-Loop – Add True Bypass to any non-true bypass effect

Let the Rocktron Tru-Loop pedal put a smile on your face. Tru-Loop is an incredible guitar effect that lets you add True Bypass to any non-true bypass effect.

The original tone of the source input (such as that favorite pedal of yours) is unchanged. The Rocktron Tru-Loop provides Serial or Parallel effects mixing. The "Return" can merge stereo effect output (RTS) to mono. The Tru-Loop can be used as a buffered A-B box as well. It can also be used as a 3-channel signal mixer.

Add an exciting dimension to your sound using any distortion pedal and the Tru-Loop looper pedal's capability to Parallel mix between Heavy Distortion and your guitar's original clean sound. The Tru-Loop is great for 7-string or Metal D-tuning to add a sense of focus and articulation to the fastest licks.

The Rocktron Tru-Loop controls include Mix, which allows the mix between the original audio input signal and the effect return. Full counter-clockwise equals series effect. At the 12 o'clock setting, you have 50% of the effect plus the original audio.

Input is for the original audio source. Send is the original audio source to be used by the effect input. Return is the output of the effect. The footswitch on the Tru-Loop controls On/Off status (indicated by the LED). The Rocktron Tru-Loop stompbox runs on a 9V Alkaline battery.


  • Return/Send loop
  • Footswitch
  • True bypass
  • LED indicator
  • Mix dial: effect return/direct signal

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