Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro

Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro

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Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro - Imagine being able to instantly reconfigure your entire rig with the touch of a single button. Now you can! And, you aren't limited to just MIDI processors. With the addition of a GCX Guitar Audio Switcher, you can also control all your stompbox and rack effects, select amp channels, and more. The Ground Control Pro can simultaneously control up to 8 different MIDI devices, each on their own channel. And, you can assign 8 of its buttons for instant access of GCX loops and processor functions. This gives you stompbox style control over your processor or modeling amp's internal effects. The finest full-featured MIDI foot controller available, the Ground Control Pro is compatible with all MIDI controlled devices, and delivers the flexibility, ease-of-use, and rugged reliability necessary to meet the needs of the most demanding professional players. Features: Simultaneous control of up to 8 MIDI devices. 8 assignable instant access switches. Controls up to 4 GCX Guitar. Audio Switchers. Bright, stage-friendly alphanumeric display. Name each preset. Use volume/expression pedals for real-time control of your sound via MIDI continuous controller messages. Hand built in the USA

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