Vox Mini-GO 50 Portable Guitar Amp

Vox Mini-GO 50 Portable Guitar Amp

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Vox Mini-GO 50 Portable Guitar Amp

Impressively portable and elite in tone, settle for nothing less than exceptional with Vox's new practical amplifier!

Sublime, Portable Tone - Designed for the guitarist who's always on the move, the Vox VMG-50 Mini Go Series 50 Watt Amp delivers sublime tone within a scaled-down construction. Resulting in the ultimate practicality whether you're playing on the street or in your garden. Fitted with enhanced VET Modelling technology, select from a range of elite amp tones across Vox's expansive history. All easily available at your fingertips!

Vox VMG-50 Mini Go Series 50 Watt Amp Features:

  • Unique Tones from Amp Models Found in the Vox Cambridge 50
  • Built-in Effects to Make Your Sound Yours With Ease
  • Rhythm Machine With Various Styles and Stellar Looper for Personal Jam Sessions
  • Option to Be Powered by a Mobile Battery for Ultimate Portability
  • Variable Powerful Output
  • Coming with an 8-inch 50-watt speaker, the VMG-50 comes with an adjustable output to suit any scenario. However, don't be fooled by this amplifier's size, as it contains a mighty output that's bound to ensure concise clarity even on the busiest streets. Making it the perfect purchase for the regular busker!
Though if you're at home and need to keep the volume to a minimum, the VMG-50 showcases 3 different output stages, FULL, 1/10 or 1/1000. So no matter what volume you're at, you're tone is bound to shine.

Modern Tone Functionality - Taken from the Vox's Cambridge50 supreme modelling technology, the Vox Mini Go 50 Watt amp provides a mind-blowing catalogue of Vox's most world-renown amplifiers. Whether you want the chimey tone of the AC30 or the 80s metal tone of the BRIT 800, it's all available with maximised accessibility!

Create Your Own Jam Sessions - For the guitarist looking to spruce up their rhythm skills and overall making their playing tight, the VMG-50 is the ultimate choice. The onboard rhythm machine features 33 distinct pattern styles varying from jazz to rock, allowing you to find the genre and style you're in search of with ease. With the ability to tweak both the tempo and volume, you're in for an elite playing experience!

That's not all though, with the onboard looper, create and jam along to your own guitar or vocal phrases that you can overdub with absolute proficiency!

Vox VMG-50 Mini Go Series 50 Watt Amp Specifications:
  • Amp models: 11
  • Effects: 8
  • Rhythms: 33
  • Tempo: 40-240 bpm
  • E Tuner: E1-E6 (41.2 Hz-1318.5 Hz)
  • Input/Output: INPUT jack, MIC IN jack, AUX IN jack, PHONES jack, FOOT SW jack, DC jack, DC 5V IN jack
  • Speaker: 8 inches 4 ohms
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor or mobile battery (Commercially available): DC 12 V or 5 V (DC 5V IN)
  • Power Consumption: 3.42 A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 256 x 180 x 249 mm/10.08” x 5.91” x 9.80”
  • Weight: 7.3kg

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