Yamaha LL6 NT ARE Natural Guitar

Yamaha LL6 NT ARE Natural

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Yamaha LL6 NT ARE Natural.

Yamaha LL6-NT A.R.E. Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Natural - LL6 ARE Acoustic Guitar with Yamaha's advanced ARE treatment and a zero-impact pick-up system. In short the ARE treatment is a revelation and this is the first time Yamaha have managed to make it work for guitars outside of their expensive Japanese custom shop. 

Unlike other ageing processes where guitars look cosmetically like older instruments but still resonate like the new guitars guitars they are, Yamaha have approached things a little differently and found a way to rapidly age the wood itself before finishing the guitar. 

Thus producing guitars that respond like those nicely broken in vintage acoustics we all love. But without the massive price tags and without the need to remove any of that new guitar, glossy sheen. 

  • Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce ARE treated
  • Back & Sides: Laminated, Rosewood (Laminated Mahogany on Mahogany version)
  • Neck: 5-ply Mahogany & Rosewood
  • Fingerboard & Bridge: Rosewood
  • Neck Width: 44mm (0F) - 55mm (14F)
  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Electronics: Zero Impact Passive pickup
  • Pro-Gigbag included in the delivery

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